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Travel Information
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The wedding will take place in La Coruna, Spain, on Saturday, 1st of June 2002.

One would normaly travel to La Coruna by aeroplane. There are no direct, scheduled flights to La Coruna, but there are internal, scheduled flights to La Coruna from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, and from some other big spanish cities with the national airlines, e.g. Iberia , SpanAir , Air Europa . The internal flight from Madrid to La Coruna lasts around forty minutes and it costs around 55 pounds, or 14000 pesetas. There are also daily scheduled flights from London Heathrow to Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, located some 60Km south of La Coruna. From there one can go to La Coruna by bus,  but flights to Santiago de Compostela may cost more than the two stage flight with connection to Madrid or Barcelona.

From England there are relatively cheap flights with EasyJet or Go . Such return flights are around 100-110 pounds, although they may vary from 80 to 170 pounds.
The airport of La Coruna is situated outside the city, and the easiest way to reach the city - where most of the hotels are - is by taxi. The taxi ride may cost around 2,000 pesetas or 8 pounds.

For air travel up to date prices (except Easyjet and Go) and bookings you can contact Marta's sister at
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Date & place:
   Saturday 1 June 2002
   Colegiata de Santa Maria,
   La Coruna, Spain.